Friday, January 14, 2011

Did you know...

...that Sharon Cornett, the president of our board, has been recognized as the very first Pet Person of the Year by Family Dog Digest and Kat Simons! It's true. For a very long time people were talking about how awesome it would be if local rescue groups could work together to increase adoptions and reduce euthanasia rates in the Richmond area. Richmond Animal League, Ring Dog Rescue, and Chesterfield Humane Society formed Metro Richmond Pet Savers (MRPS) to do just that. The first MRPS adoption event was held in April of 2010. The participating groups have been able to find homes for more than 500 animals since then--and MRPS is going strong! Click here for details about where MRPS will be each month!


  1. Sharon has big ideas. So big that this video of her doesn't fit in our pre-defined blog space!

  2. Go Sharon! Go Lite 98! Wow! Her emotion is so moving. :)

    And the check for Metro Richmond Pet Savers !!! Just Wow!!! :)

    I knew I liked Lite 98!