Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did you know...

...that Apollo Ono met a little girl named Hannah yesterday--and fell in love? It's true. Hannah, who will be two years old next week, and her dad came in to donate some cat food and see some "diddy dats." The diddy dats loved her, and she gave them all equal attention, but Apollo Ono was especially smitten. He's a little LaPerm cat, but he came up to Hannah's waist and kept standing right in front of her if she was making a move for another cat. When we went back to see the puppies, Apollo Ono waited at the door for us to return. At the end of the visit, Hannah said goodbye to Apollo in the appropriate way (and by that I mean that she put him in a headlock). Apollo is sitting around thinking of Hannah today and wishing he had a little girl to play with every day.

Apollo Recovers

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  1. Apollo looks so sad now that Hannah has left.......