Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did you know....

that the courage of one little dog can help other dogs find a home? It's true. See if you can follow all of the good news as is unfolds here.

1) In January of 2010 Squire, a little beagle, gets left behind when his owner moves away. Squire is not alone. There are 7 other beagles with him, and four of them die before neighbors alerted authorities. Squire and the surviving others ended up in RAL's care to wait for permanent, loving homes.

2) After falling in love with his funny dancing and side-eyed looks, we ran a story about Squire to let everyone know that it was time for him to go home. We shared the story on Facebook.

3) A woman in Fort Campbell, KY saw the story--and a picture of Squire. She wanted to get him a cab and get him to Kentucky as fast as possible. Instead, she asked if she could pay the adoption fee for Squire to increase his chances of finding a family. Soon after, Squire was adopted.

4) Squire's new family saw other hounds while they were at the shelter meeting Squire. They saw Henson, who has been at RAL for almost a year, and Michelle, who is one of Squire's buddies. They wished that they could take them all home. Instead, they asked if they could pay the adoption fee for Henson and Michelle so that they, too, could find homes like Squire did!

5) With hunting season ending, shelters are seeing an increase in hound dogs and RAL is working hard to find homes for them. An adoption special is announced in which the fee for adult hounds is reduced from $125 to $75.

6) MEANWHILE, back at Fort Campbell....the person who fell in Squire and paid his adoption fee sees that Henson and Michelle are still here--and are being joined by more and more hounds. She wonders if she can help. Our Fort Campbell hero has offered to pay $25 toward the fee for any adult hound--bringing the final fees to $50 through the month of January.

7) Is a reduced adoption fee the only reason to get a pet? No. But if you are ready, could you keep this story of happy endings going by opening your heart to a hound dog? Yes.

We are constantly amazed and humbled by the generosity of our community. And now our community extends all the way to Kentucky and back!

That's worth a howl.


  1. What a wonderful, heartwarming story.
    I hope that each and every hound finds a loving and caring forever home.

    Hounds are the BEST! They are affectionate, loving, playful and loyal.

    And look at Squire - doing his "Dance"

  2. This makes me want to cry. Talk about paying it forward......Squire you're the cutest thing ever.