Friday, February 25, 2011

Did you know...

...that Richmond Animal League has a staff of 10? It's true. This small staff, and army of volunteers, make things happen at RAL. We thought you'd like to know who they are!

Dr. Laura Drinkwine, DVM

Dr. Laura spends her days spaying and neutering animals at the
Loving Spay + Neuter Clinic.
On February 15th of this year the clinic turned one year old--
and Dr. Laura also celebrated her birthday that day!
In one year this dynamo performed close to 4,300 surgeries.
Way to go, Dr. Laura!
Keep those scissors (or whatever) sharp!


Jamie White, LVT

Jamie is our vet tech. After surgeries at the clinic
she and Dr. Laura come over and make sure
that all of the shelter animals are happy and healthy.
Jamie's expecting a little boy named Hunter and we
are all very excited for her.


Joy Hudson

In addition to scheduling appointments, providing pre- and post-surgery
information, answering the phones, gathering data, returning messages,
and communicating important info the doctor, Joy also makes sure that
Prince, the clinic cat, behaves himself every day.
No one ever said Joy had it easy.


Pam Bridgmon

Oh, Pam. Pam is the Director of Kennel Operations.
Once, for kicks, we tried to get her job description out of
the filing cabinet to check it out, but it was too
heavy for anyone to lift.
Everyone at Richmond Animal League is
grateful for everything Pam manages to do
every. single. day.


Amy McCracken

Amy is our Executive Director and one of her jobs is to
maintain this blog. Which means that I could write anything at
all about myself right now and no one would know that
it wasn't the gospel truth. I won't, though.
I'll just say that I am lucky to do the work that I do
for RAL and all of the animals we serve.
We are a fantastic team here at 11401 International Drive.


Cynthia Reed

Cynthia is our Volunteer Coordinator, and with more than
400 volunteers, hers is no easy job.
In addition to recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers,
Cynthia is always willing to help out wherever she is needed.
Like last night, for instance, she was needed in Gonzo's run after he
pooped all over his blankets and then danced around in it for a long time.
In addition to being awesome, she is also Winston's mother.


Alissa Turchen

Alissa joined our team as Adoption Coordinator just this month.
She's learning more and more every day and has already
sent home two long-timers--Henson the Hound and Pippy the La Perm.
Maybe that means her hard work will be good luck for all of our animals!
Alissa is learning to expertly answer all questions that come her way,
such as "Does my new cat come with a leash?"


Megan Wyszynski

Megan has just joined us as Assistant Director of Kennel Operations.
Megan's license plate reads IKENDO. We haven't verified this, but
are guessing that it means I CAN DO. And, man, can she!
She hit the ground running as soon as she got here and we could not
be happier. She already loves RAL cat Apollo Ohno and has
taken great (and so appreciated) care of both Apollo Ohno and Ben!


Bobbi McCrea

Bobbi is long-time RAL Adoptions Counselor.
Bobbi's commitment to, and compassion for, the animals
is always evident.
Though Bobbi works part-time, she is always willing
to help whenever she can, and on Sundays she calls the shots around here.


Sarah Neighbor

Oh, boy, when the animals at Chesterfield County Animal Control
and Prince George County see our Transport Driver show up,
they know they are in for a very big day.
Sarah picks up animals from these shelters and brings them
to the Loving Spay + Neuter Clinic so that no animal is
adopted before being spayed or neutered.
Later in the afternoon, Sarah returns them all--
minus a few parts.

That's our fantastic staff!


  1. The Richmond Animal League has an amazing staff. What a team!

  2. We are SO THANKFUL for each of you!