Sunday, February 13, 2011

Did you know...

...that there is someone for everyone? It's true. Valentine's Day is upon us and some of us will be celebrating with the ones we love, and others will be holding fast to the knowledge that there is someone out there for them. It's a mystery what makes us fall in love. But, oh, when we do....

I've been at RAL since May of 2010. And I loved LouAnne, Nikki, and Aniya right away. I loved Bozley, PJ, and Pauline. I still love Apollo Ono, Pippi, and Cricket.

But I fell in love with a dog last week like never before. Mia. She was turned in to New Kent Animal Shelter with the news that "this dog don't hunt." Well, that's true. She doesn't. In fact, she wants to do nothing of the sort. She loves people. And attention. And sitting on laps.

I've felt guilty about loving this dog as much as I have. I've lost most of my facebook friends because I kept uploading picture after picture of her. Our shelter is full of cats and dogs who deserve and need as much love as I so easily felt for this animal I called Mia.

But then I didn't feel guilty. I felt hopeful. For some unknown reason, I fell in love with Mia. It wasn't her breed, her spots, her size, her mannerisms. I don't know what it was. But I believe that every animal in our shelter could have that effect on just the right person. There's someone for everyone. I understand better now how truly wonderful it is when an adopter walks into Richmond Animal League and says, "Oh my gosh, that one! That's the one!"

There's someone for Henson. And Chestnut. And Blueberry Pie. And Lucretia. And maybe even Lucy. There is. And until those adopters walk in the door at 11401 International Drive, we'll make sure their true loves are taken care of while they wait.



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